What Are The Causes Of Unexplained Stains On Carpet?

What Are The Causes Of Unexplained Stains On Carpet?

Causes Of Unexplained Stains On Carpet

Having a carpet at home means it will be subject to innumerable spills and accidents. Wine, beer, vomit, food, and more will inevitably stain your carpet time and again. However, that is not all. Sometimes you will also observe unexplained stains on carpet that you don’t even know the source of.

Even regular shampooing of your carpets cannot remove them, as you are unaware of the origin of these stains. This is where a professional carpet cleaning company comes in handy. They use industry-led cleaning solutions to remove the toughest stains without damaging the precious fibers of your carpets.

4 Unexplained Mysterious Stains On Carpets

1) Furniture Polish

Furniture polish stains result from careless spraying or wiping off the same on and around carpets. These stains can go unnoticed unless someone moves the furniture. Removing these black stains on carpets is difficult. Thus, we would recommend hiring professional carpet cleaners as they have the right tools for the job.

2) Benzoyl Peroxide

This chemical is used in a variety of cosmetic creams like acne medications, age creams, some foot care products, and even in pet shampoos. The problem with these spots is that they may show up in hours or even after several months. This is dependent on the temperature and the humidity of the room the carpet is in.

3) Acids

If you have ever observed pink or orange spots on carpets, the culprit is probably acid. As little as 1% hydrochloric acid is enough to cause staining. Accidents like vomits should also be cleaned quickly with a neutralizing mild alkali as even these are 10% acidic.

4) Plant Food

The spots caused by this are usually dull yellow. If these plant foods or leakage from house plants get on your carpet, they can permanently discolor the carpet. Just like furniture polish stains, these too take up to months to be visible.

What Are The Hardest Stains To Remove From Carpet?

Some of the hardest stains to remove from carpets are red wine, pet urine, vomit, blood, coffee, ink, and even cooking oil. Thus, instead of debating which is better steam clean vs shampoo to remove unexplained stains on carpet, opt for our professional cleaning.

Total Cleaning Services is a 5-star rated cleaning company providing quality carpet cleaning service in St Paul. and spotlessly clean carpets. We will assist you in restoring the original appearance of your carpet within your time and financial constraints.

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