How To Clean Black Stains On Carpet?

How To Clean Black Stains On Carpet?

Clean Black Stains On Carpet

Did you know carpets can hold up to 4 times their weight in the dirt? There is also research that shows that at least 70% of people move their furniture to cover up a stain. This may seem like a quick fix until you have to rearrange it again and the black stains on carpet reappear.

If even after regular cleaning of your carpets you are unable to restore their original shine, there might be a bigger problem at hand. Thus, to know how to prevent these small black stains on carpet, you first need to understand what causes them.

What Causes Black Stains On Carpets?

The black stains on carpet edges result from the air movement around the edges of the carpet. For instance, the air that is contaminated from cooking circulates around the home and causes these same black stains.

Areas with high foot traffic are another reason for the black stains on your carpets. The dirt and stains get transferred from our shoes to the carpets and add to the staining process as well.

Tips To Remove Small Black Stains From Carpets

Having preventive measures in place is probably the most important tip to keep your carpets clean. Experts recommend scheduling regular air duct cleaning to help control hidden dust and allergen that might hide within the ductwork of your home.

If your carpets are made of synthetic fibers, it is easy to clean them with a mild carpet stain removal. However, if it is wool or a mix of wool, you will need to hire a professional carpet cleaning service.

How Professional Carpet Cleaning Service Will Remove Black Stains?

Professionals have access to tools and machines that are not available to hire at local convenience stores, like UV lights to spot hidden stains. In addition to that, to remove black stains on carpet, professionals swear by the benefits of methods like hot water extraction.

What Stains Cannot Be Removed From Carpet?

Coffee, red wine, ink, and bodily fluids like blood and other discharges are the toughest stains to remove from carpets. Though there are several DIY hacks claiming to remove even black stains on carpet, you still risk causing damage to your carpets if you aren’t careful.

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