A simple carpet but an endless number of methods to clean them. It is no doubt that anyone will be confused as to which carpet cleaning method to opt for. To make this decision simple for them, we have selected the two best carpet cleaning methods: steam clean vs shampoo.

In this article, you will find the difference between the two and also get to know which is better.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Steam carpet cleaning is one of the best carpet cleaning methods in the market. The reason for their popularity is since they are fast, safe, and effective. Plus, they are also safe to use in places where there are kids and pets.

The professional carpet cleaner uses the science of temperature and pressure to remove dust and dirt from the carpet. Plus, it also removes mold and mildew and kills pests and germs present in the carpet.


  • Get rids of all the germs and bacteria from the carpet.
  • Kills mold and pests.
  • Removes pet odor and many other bad smells from the carpet.
  • Low-moisture carpet cleaning method. Hence, you can use your carpet in just a few hours.
  • Safe and uses zero chemicals during the carpet cleaning process.

⇒ Cons

  • Need additional treatment to remove stains.
  • Isn’t very effective to remove dirt and debris from the carpet.
  • In the case of soiled carpets, this carpet cleaning method is an expensive choice.

Shampooing The Carpet

When you think of shampoo, we think of deep cleaning, and that is what it means in this case too. A carpet shampoo is a foamy cleaning detergent that detaches the debris and dirt from the carpet fiber.

Then, with the help of an agitation machine, the remaining dirt also gets detached from the carpet fiber. Lastly, the carpet is rinsed using fresh, clean water, removing every speck of dirt from deep within.


  • A great method to clean highly soiled carpets.
  • Removes dust and dirt from deep within the carpet.
  • Even tough stains are easily removed using this method.

⇒ Cons

  • Though highly effective, it is a time-consuming carpet cleaning method.
  • Expensive than steam cleaning as more efforts and products are involved.
  • Can damage the carpet padding if the water is not dried off properly.


Between steam clean vs shampoo, most people opt for steam carpet cleaning. Steam clean on carpets has consistently given better results and is also safe for kids and pets. Although, for commercial places, you can opt for carpet shampooing for better results.

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