Average Carpet Cleaning Cost In 2021

Average Carpet Cleaning Cost In 2021

Carpet Cleaning in Minneapolis

A clean home or office gives you a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. A beautiful carpet can enhance the look of your home or office. It gives you a feeling of warmth. So keeping your carpet floor clean and healthy contributes towards a healthy life.

But the carpet is the place that receives maximum dirt and dust mites. Despite your regular cleaning, it does not deep clean your carpet. So, in this case, you need a professional carpet cleaner to give a mold and pathogen-free carpet.

However, thinking about which carpet cleaning company is best for your carpet is important as many companies are involved in this service. For that, price is the significant aspect that needs to be considered before picking carpet cleaning services.

Therefore, read this blog to know about impacting variables for the carpet cleaning cost in 2021.

Variables Need To Consider For The Carpet Cleaning Cost

Average Carpet Cleaning Cost

The cleaning cost of carpet ranges from $75 to $300. The carpet cleaning price list depends on quality, the condition, the area, and the competence of the carpet. Different cost analysis factors are described below.

♦ Carpet Cleaning Price By Cleaning Methods

For carpet cleaning, many cleaning methods are available such as steam cleaning, dry cleaning, bonnet cleaning, etc. All these methods are having various costs as per requirements.

For example, steam cleaning carpet costs between $100 to $500. Whereas carpet shampooing costs $90 to $400. Which one is better steam cleaning vs shampoo for your carpet is based on their fabric.

♦ Carpet Cleaning Price By Carpet Type

Although all carpets may appear the same on the surface, having various carpet types. It includes wool, synthetic, berber, silk cotton, etc. So cleaning methods also change with carpet types due to the unique properties of each carpet.

For instance, the cost of wool carpet cleaning is between $105 to $160 whereas synthetic carpet having costs is $60 to $130.

♦ Carpet Cleaning Price By Area Of Carpet

The cost of carpet cleaning is different due to various areas of room size. Carpet cleaning cost per square foot is $0.18 to $0.36.

For 250 sq.ft and 500 sq.ft, the price is $45 to $90 and $450 to $900 respectively. So the company measures the area of your room before the carpet cleaning procedures.

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