What Is Professional Couch Cleaning Cost In 2021?

What Is Professional Couch Cleaning Cost In 2021?

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Upholstery is one of the important things that add glamor and style to every space. Without it, the property looks dull and empty. But you can only achieve this aim when you keep your sofas and couches clean.

Sadly, one can’t avoid staining or dirtying the couch. It happens even when you take all the safety measures. So, what to do when your upholstery gets dirty and doesn’t look clean even after vacuuming it?

In this case, call professional upholstery cleaners to service you. It may sound like a luxury to hire experts, but it isn’t so. Learn what is the professional couch cleaning cost and what factors affect it.

What Is The Average Professional Couch Cleaning Cost?

The average upholstery cleaning cost ranges between $100 to $250. Most homeowners, generally pay on average $150 for a professional sofa cleaning service for an average-sized sofa.

However, for smaller furniture items such as upholstered armchairs, the professional cleaning price starts from $50. Similarly, for bigger or delicate upholstery items, the cost can go up to $500.

The sofa cleaning services price list also depends on various factors. Here are a few of them:

♦ Stain Removal

Upholstery is full of stains, some tougher than others. So, removal of stains requires additional steps and processes, which increases the professional couch cleaning cost from $20 to $80.

♦ Steam Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning is essential, but what is more important is what process you use to do it. Steam cleaning is the most known process that experts use to clean sofas. The cost of using this method ranges between $15 to $90.

♦ Chemical Cleaning

Another popular upholstery cleaning method is chemical dry cleaning. This is a faster way of cleaning the sofas and couches. This upholstered furniture cleaning method mainly costs around $15 to $100.

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