Know 2021 Deep House Cleaning Cost

Know 2021 Deep House Cleaning Cost

Deep House Cleaning Cost

House cleaning is an important task in the homeowner’s cleaning checklist. However, these tasks involve so many chores that sometimes, homeowners miss out on doing some of them. Hence, the need to hire a professional for house cleaning arises. But, before you hire anyone, let us find out how much deep house cleaning cost and the factors that affect it.

Deep House Cleaning Cost: Influences & Factors


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♦ Deep Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot​

Cleaning companies use different factors to calculate house cleaning costs. One of the basic determining factors is the cost per square foot. Some companies have a basic cost of cleaning and then add in more cost depending on what deep cleaning services you want. But, on average, you have to shell out $0.20 to $0.30 per square foot to deep clean your house.

♦ Deep Cleaning Cost Per Hour

Most professional house cleaning company assigns several cleaners to clean a property. Hence, less time is required to clean the entire space. This increases the cost of deep cleaning as more experts are involved and hence the deep house cleaning cost is calculated per hour. 1 cleaner costs $40 – $60 an hour, meanwhile, 2 cleaners costs, $80 to $120 an hour, but more work is done in an hour.

♦ Deep Cleaning Cost Per The Location

The cost of deep cleaning your home increases as you start increasing the scope of work. For instance, if you ask them to clean bathrooms, kitchen, sunroom, entertainment room, all of this will cost you. Plus, some of the areas need extra attention. So, on average, the deep house cleaning cost will be in the range of $25 to $120 per room.

Call Professional House Cleaners Today!

If you want to know what is included in deep house cleaning, full house cleaning cost, and how to do a quick house cleaning, then you need to call up the professionals. Professional house cleaning services will help answer all your questions and at the same time also provide you with an effective cleaning service. Call up professional house cleaners from Total Cleaning Services in Brooklyn Park for more information.

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