How To Remove Sugar Residue From The Carpet?

How To Remove Sugar Residue From The Carpet?

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Kids or adults, we all love our sugary drinks, be it coffee, tea, cocktail, soda, or milkshake. But we are also clumsy at the same time, and can sometimes spill them while drinking them. Now, in case you spill them over your carpet, it is your responsibility to clean up all the mess or it will leave a permanent stain behind.

Since cleaning the stain is important, you should learn how to remove sugar residue from the carpet.

How To Get Sugar Out Of The Carpet?

⇒ Anytime someone spills something sugary on the carpet, the first thing you should do is take a clean cloth and clean the spill when it happens. Don’t wait for too long to clean it or the sugar will penetrate deeper inside the carpet.

⇒ Now, make a list of all the cleaning supplies you need and grab them to begin the carpet cleaning process.

⇒ Take some wet cloth and dab it over the stained surface. Try to absorb as much liquid as possible.

⇒ Switch on your dry or wet vacuum cleaner and move it across the carpet once to remove all the surface-level dirt.

⇒ In case of how to remove the dried syrup from the carpet, use a blunt knife or fork to scrape it off from the carpet. Make sure not to rub or scrub the spot to remove the stain.

⇒ If you can lift off the stain off with the help of paper towels and a vacuum cleaner, then it is time to remove the sugar crystals. For this, you need to use warm water and a mild detergent. Mix both of them in a squirt bottle and spray it on the sugary stain. Cover the stain completely, however, try not to get the carpet too wet.

⇒ Use lots of paper towels to dab on the stain. Repeat the process with clean water to remove the soap from the carpet.

⇒ In case the sugary syrup is colored and you can notice a visible stain on it, then you need to do the above steps followed by spraying club soda, vinegar, or store-bought carpet spot remover on the stain.

⇒ Once sprinkled over the stain, let it sit for at least 10 minutes, and then blot the stain till it dries completely.

⇒ To dry the carpet, put a heavyweight object on the stack of paper towels covering the stain. You can also use a fan to quicken the drying process. Plus, also make sure no one walks on that part of the carpet till the spot is completely dry.

⇒ Lastly, once the stain is clean and dry, touch the carpet to check if there is any stickiness left. In case it is still sticky, then repeat the above process.

Hire Professional Carpet Cleaners Instead of Following A DIY Method!

Cleaning sugary stuff from your carpet may cause you to ruin the carpet’s fabric. Hiring professionals for powerful deepest steam clean on carpets can remove the sugary stain and also prevent the carpet fiber from any damage. That is why it is best to hire a professional carpet cleaning company to handle carpet cleaning.

If you are suffering from tough carpet stains, then call Toal Cleaning Services MN in Brooklyn Park to clean your carpet. Our non-toxic, organic, and safe carpet cleaning methods will provide you with a clean carpet with zero stains on it.

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