Allergy Relief

  Allergy Relief Treatment

If your property has allergies you might be aware of the symptoms affect your daily routine. Total Cleaning Carpet Cleaning offers quality allergy relief treatment for your carpets. There are numerous allergy-causing particles that will cause allergy symptoms. Our allergy treatment has an effective combination of agents that denatures allergen proteins by altering their structure. This makes the allergens inactive and they will no longer be causing allergy symptoms.

  Benefits of allergy relief treatment

The allergy treatment keeps on killing the allergens that keep on landing on your carpet up to six months. Our allergy treatment is best for dust mites dropping, dog dander, cat saliva, and cockroach waste.

  Why Chose Allergy Treatment For Carpet

The solutions we use for allergy treatment are naturally driven and extracts used found in certain plant seeds. Additionally, our products are water-based and have balanced pH value, means no risk to your carpet as well as you and loved ones in the house. Total Cleaning Services allergy treatment is beneficial because the products are hypoallergic, biodegradable and use non-toxic ingredients. The carpet cleaning product we use are eco-friendly and contains no pesticides.

If someone in your house has allergy issues or have respiratory problems, having allergy treatment in your home is the best thing you can do. Call us today and make your home allergy free with our treatment.

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